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We’re Leaving, On A Jet Plane May 26, 2011

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I guess I didn’t realize but it’s been over a year since Hayden has been on a plane and a year is a long long time for a three year old. He was so excited. He had been talking about going to England for a while, and when we got up in the morning the first thing he said to me was “yay, were going to England today!!”. He has been excited because of the trains, all the toys nanny has lined up for him and of course the airplanes!

We got to the airport with Layla and Mummy with us and had some lunch together but he couldn’t sit still. He was just jumping around, running around in circles and just eager to get on the plane. The whole time with his Thomas suitcase in tow. We said goodbye to Mummy and Layla and at airport security. He was really easy, even took his shoes off and didn’t go beep! We made our way down to the gate and we could see our plane so we watched all the bags get on and watching all the airport trucks and even a bird try and get on the plane (apparently according to Hayden). Hayden was getting a little impatient that we couldn’t get on the plane straight away. Eventually we started boarding and Hayden got more impatient because all the fancy gold card holders needed to get on the plane like life and death depended on it. He was worried there wouldn’t be any room for us. At one point on the jet bridge he shouted at the people in front of us to hurry up, luckily/unfortunately his little voice didn’t carry.

On the plane he was really good. Especially as 1) I kept all the toys in his suitcase to try and save them for the longer flight and 2) we had to sit on the runway for 30 minutes and I couldn’t figure out why weren’t moving. Eventually we got moving he loved it, and was very excited about take off and apple juice and seeing the little plane potty. I let him play on my phone which is good and bad. Kids turn into little monsters on those things, but it keeps them amused. So pick your poison I guess!

After the first flight we had a few hours to kill at Chicago. Now this is an interesting time to mention that Hayden really doesn’t like toilets that flush by themselves. We sat in a bar, I had a beer, Hayden had a huge lemonade. I should have realized what problems this was going to cause me!! I think over the next 90 minutes while we waited for the plane we must had gone to the toilet about 6 times. Each time I don’t think he ever really finished because he’s paranoid that the toilet is going to flush by itself and swallow him up!!! We had to keep going to different toilets so we didn’t look too weird! It must have worked though because he didn’t go at all in the next 7 hours on the plane over to England.

On that flight he was also a really good boy. He had one little melt down at dinner time because I had left it too late to feed him but besides that he was a superstar. He watched most of Nemo, had some food, I read him a book and then he took a nap on me. I felt for him because he couldn’t get in a comfortable position without his feet poking out in the walkway so every time someone walked by he would get knocked. Luckily he was too tired to care. Eventually he was able to curl up a little more and probably got three and a half hours. Got to England and Granddad was waiting for us for a cup of tea and fruit shoot for me and Hayden respectively!


What Am I Going to Do Without My Hayden? May 12, 2011

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John and Hayden have gone for a quick trip to England.  Hayden is going to stay with Nanny while John goes on to Barcelona for Steve Bulger’s bachelor party/stag do.  They left on Tuesday, and the reports I’ve heard are that Hayden was a really good boy on the trip over.  He was put off by the automatic flushing toilets (hey, who isn’t?) and so it sounds like they kept having to go to the bathroom because he couldn’t get the job done.  But he did get a little sleep on the main flight over and seemed to be generally a good boy.

He has been ever so excited about his trip to England.  He talked about it frequently before the time finally came to leave.  The day he left we were sitting reading books together.  I gave him a big hug while he was sitting on my lap and I said, “Oh, what am I going to do without my Hayden?”  His reply: “Well, sorry, once I get on the plane I’m going to be Daddy’s Hayden.”  He cracks me up!  Sorry Hayden, you’ll always be my Hayden, too!

It’s nice living in these modern times, where they can be an ocean away and I still have access to them at the touch of a button.  They got in about 7:30 am UK time, and by about 7 am my time I was on a video chat with them.  Nanny had pulled down all these old legos and toy cars of John’s from the loft, and Hayden was very busy playing with them all.  She had also bought him some new presents that he was excited to show me.  Check out the bed she has set up for him!  I hear he was very excited to see this – I can only imagine!  I have also been able to keep in touch with John and Michelle via text.  Even though I haven’t spoken with any of them today I have already been sent pictures of him playing with trains at the London Transport Museum.  If it’s in London then he would have taken a train to get there, and I bet he was about to burst with excitement about that!

It’s been very strange having the boys gone.  John I’m used to being away since he sometimes has to travel with work, but it’s really weird having Hayden gone.  Yesterday was a workday, so during the day it seemed pretty normal because Layla went to day care and he would have been in preschool anyway, but I find the hardest time is late afternoon/early evening.  Even with Layla here, it just seems so empty.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for him that he gets to have this adventure and spend special time with Nanny and Auntie Mich, but I miss him, too.

It’s nice to have time with my sweet little Layla.  We have some neighborhood garage sales I think we’re going to hit up in the next couple of days.  I see some shopping on the horizon, and maybe we’ll lunch, too.  🙂


Missing the Brits September 1, 2010

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I was putting Hayden to bed and at the end of the wheel on the bus song, I asked him who he wanted on the bus for the last verse (we make up the verses).   Typically he chooses Grandma and Grandpa.  Well this time he choose Nanny.   It’s been a while since Nanny was on the bus so I started Nanny on the bus, and then I paused to remember what it is she normally does on the bus, and he filled the silence for me with “here’s a another present!!” (so… “nanny on the bus says here’s another present, here’s another present, etc).  He totally made that up on his own, but no wander considering every time he see hers she is always giving him presents!

Then he told me how he wanted to go to see Auntie Michelle, Nanny and Granddad at Nanny’s house. And that there would be a lot of toys there.  At the end he asked me which way was England! I pointed East and explain that unfortunate it isn’t somewhere we can make on his tricycle.  Over the last few days he’s just shown a renewed interest in England and I put it down to his missing his English family.  I can’t wait until he can get back there next year.