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Best Friend June 23, 2013

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Hayden has a best friend at Primrose now, which is really fun for us because it has taken him a long time to really gel with anyone there. He’s pretty particular about who he deems a friend. He started talking about this friend in May, and we got an invitation to his birthday party a few weeks ago. I RSVP’ed to his mom and said Hayden has been talking a lot about his new friend, and I was smiling as I read her response to how much they hear about his “best friend Hayden”. Unfortunately, this friend cut down his time at Primrose to two days over the summer, so he doesn’t get to see him all that often at the moment. But last week he started talking about a new friend at school, so it sounds like he’s got someone he likes to hang out with when he doesn’t have his bestie around. And it all comes down to birthday parties. He’ll tell me he has someone he wants to invite to his birthday party (which will be in August – not really too near but from what his teachers say all the kids are always talking about who can come to their birthday parties, no matter how distant in the future it is).


Reunited January 14, 2013

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Our friends Rich and Anita have moved from England to our town, Carmel, IN!  They were our best friends when we lived in England, and now after 6+ years we are finally living in the same town, and this time each couple has a pair of kids.  John and I are so excited about them being here, but what is even better is how excited the kids are about each other.

Yesterday we invited them around to ours for a few hours.  We knew their things are in the process of being shipped, which will take 6-8 weeks.  They currently only have rental furniture and the things they were able to bring with them on their flight over.  So, John and I got a big plastic container and asked the kids to help us go through their toys for Josh and Sophie to borrow while they waited on their toys to arrive.  I wondered if we would get complaints about giving up some toys, but we were so happy to see them both really getting into filling up the box, even with toys we know they really love.  We even stopped them a couple of times from putting in a favorite – Hayden took heed but Layla was very insistent on a few of her favorites going in the box.

They had a ball playing together when they all came over, and at the end Josh and Hayden were telling each other that they were their best friends.  It was so sweet.  This morning Hayden said about 5 or 6 times how excited he was that he was going to see Josh again soon.  It’s especially great that Hayden is so happy about his new friends, as he typically doesn’t get all that excited about his peers.


Best Buds December 12, 2011

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Hayden has a best friend!  It’s a boy at preschool called Oliver, who he has gone to day care with since they were both in the infant room.  It’s very cute that he has someone who he likes to play with and he talks about when he’s home, because he doesn’t very often take an interest in his peers.  It’s cool too because Oliver is a really sweet boy. When they were babies Oliver’s mom and I had them in the same Mommy & me swim class, so I have gotten to know her over the years, too.  One morning when I was dropping him off, Oliver was also getting dropped off at the same time and I heard him tell his dad that Hayden is his best friend. 🙂


Emily and Sadie September 3, 2008

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So another fun thing about Reena’s wedding is that Emily was in town!  She brought her 6 month old, Sadie, to play with Hayden and me one day.  It was so fun.  I think they were pretty smitten with each other. 🙂  And I don’t know why this happens, but it seems like whenever Emily and I are taking a photo together with our babies, we happen to be holding the other’s baby!


Girlfriends! December 2, 2007

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My dad told me that it is never too early to be chatting up the girls. I have tried to take his advice. This week I have been chillin’ with my girls Claire and Avery. They both think I am very handsome with my chiseled good looks. I definitely think they will share their dummies with me (pacifiers for those US folk).