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What Layla Wants – Part II February 26, 2012

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Further to my previous post, not only does Hayden know what Layla wants, but Layla herself is a girl who knows what she wants.  A couple of easy examples of this are BOOTS and SLEEVES.

She has four pairs of shoes, but she really favors her cute little (faux) fur lined pink boots.  Whenever it’s time to go I will say we have to get on our shoes, and she will start saying “Buh, buh, buh!” to let me know she wants her boots.  Side note, she will also bring Hayden and me our shoes as we are all scrambling to get out the door – she so helpful (really)!

When she is eating she likes having her sleeves pushed up, and if they haven’t been pushed up when she’s ready to eat she will hold out her arms and make fussing noises that somewhat sound like “sleeve”, and try to get them up herself.  She also wants to have a bib on usually and if we haven’t put one on her she will pat her chest and say “bih.”


Daddy’s Little Helper May 2, 2010

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Hayden can be relatively easy to manipulate right now. One of my favorites is when he wants me to draw something for him.  He’ll come up with the first suggestion, a truck for example.  Once I’ve drawn it, he’ll go – “I want another truck”.  I’ll just tell him “What about a train?” and then he’s “I do want a train!”  He’ll want another train, I’ll suggest airplane, he wants an airplane and so on.  At least saves me from going crazy draw hundreds of trucks!

The same comes to helping me with stuff.  I’ll just ask him if he wants to help me and he’ll get all excited and generally jump to it regardless of what it is.  Obviously his attention span is limited, but it’s a start!   In the winter when it snowed he would try to help me shovel snow, couple of weeks back I was shoveling mulch and he was a true little helper as I think you can see from the pictures!