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Imagination March 5, 2011

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Something that has really changed of late with Hayden is his use of his imagination. I came into his room the other morning when he woke up and sat on his bed. He told me I was sitting in the middle of a baseball field. (in fact I was “right where the man hits its”)  He went on to explain that I had to line up to buy a ticket, Big Bird was the ticket clerk, and then I had to cross the bridge (over the train tracks) to get the stadium.

Next up after I had watched the baseball I had to sit through the different Elmo show (Hayden went to an Elmo show last week with Kara and Grandma). He brought in Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, “Quilt” and “Owl Blanket” all in the show and they danced around and made a bunch of noise until the show was over! It’s fun watching him explore his imagination.