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It’s Been A While September 23, 2007

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It’s been busy with my mum and Aunt D in town so I haven’t had chance to write here recently.  Lots has been happening.  He is starting to kick his legs out, hopefully the start of his successful football  career.  Everton could currently do with his help to take penalties!!

He’s been a little fussy recently, in fact we left the troublesome duo with Hayden while me and Kara went out for Dinner and he screamed his little lungs out for 30 minutes!  Wouldn’t take a bottle, wouldn’t take his dummy, not interested in his swing or his mobiles.  In fact if he doesn’t want food and he’s fussy I have no idea what to do with him!  That’s my only trick!!  Eventually they managed to calm him somehow without having to call on supermum Kara to rescue.

I must admit I’m not too sure about babies.  I really like it when he’s sleeping and I get to watch football with him lying on me.  I like it when he’s smiling at me.  But the rest of the time when he’s crying and just not doing anything I think I fit into that normal guy bracket – I can’t wait for him to get older and start talking, and running around, and causing trouble!! 🙂  I bet I regret that comment in about 12 months!!