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My Eyes! November 15, 2011

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Winter is closing in on us, which means it’s dark when the kids wake up, and it’s dark when they go to sleep. So when I go get Layla in the morning, she has the shock of going from pitch black (as she is always the first one up and there are no lights on in the house yet) to bright light as I turn on the lights. So to try to take away the shock I will get her from her crib before I turn on the light, and then cover her eyes before I turn them on. So over the last few weeks she started covering her own eyes when I would get to the switch, or if she still wasn’t fully adjusted to the light after I uncovered her eyes, she would cover them back up herself. It is very cute.

Speaking of light switches, she was pretty grumpy when I brought her home from day care today (combination of tired, hungry, and teething I presume), but when I took her over to the light switch and let her turn on and off the light she would laugh out loud. Very cute. However, it did create a little light switch monster, and once Mommy was all done with the light switch game she went right back to the mood she had been in. Oh well, it was nice to have 3 minutes of peace at least. 🙂