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Mommy’s Girl October 31, 2012

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Hayden has been a Daddy’s boy for a very long time now (although, I always like to try to note that he was very much a Mommy’s boy for the first 2 1/2 years!), so I am happy to be able to confirm that Layla is still a big Mommy’s girl.  I think most babies (especially breastfed ones) favor their mother while they are babies.  That is where their food comes from, and that means everything when all you have is instinct!  But Layla is about the age Hayden was when he moved to Team Daddy (lol), and so far she is holding true to Team Mommy.

She’s not quite as bad as Hayden was (is still sometimes) in terms of favoring one over the other so much that she is rude to the other one, although she can get that way sometimes.  But I’m happy that I’m one of my children’s favorites.  I’ve teased John all along that if he takes this one then we’ll have to have a 3rd so I can have one! 😉 It’s nice that we have a balance – I don’t think either of us would be happy if we were a magnet to both kids and the other wasn’t.  And someday I know they will both come to realize how much they love both of us.  Getting Hayden to say he loves me is like trying to give a cat a bath, but I always try to get him to say it before bedtime anyway (even when he sometimes slips up and tells me really he just loves Daddy), but a couple of days ago Layla was singing away in the car “I love you, I love you, I love you…” and John said, “Layla, I love you!” and she stopped, then started singing, “I love Mommy, I love Mommy…”  We just have to laugh!


I like you a lot December 24, 2011

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I have talked many times about Hayden and how he is a big daddy’s boy. Well recently out of nowhere he will just say “I really really like daddy” or “I love daddy a lot”. I am just making this note because in a few years time I bet I won’t be able to get him to say a nice word about me! I have to make the most of this!

Also to balance all this out he did shout out “I love you Mr Crocodile” for no reason whatsoever today!