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Back to work November 2, 2007

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I went back to work this week.  It was not AS bad as I had feared, but I still much prefer being home with Hayden!  Tues was the most difficult day for Hayden; Wed was pretty good.  I have decided that unless I have a meeting before he naturally gets up in the morning, I will just wait for him to wake up before I take him to day care.  So Tues he woke up about 8:30 and Wed it was about 9:30.  I had been working since about 7:30, so it was an hour or two into my work day before he left home which was nice.  He’s not eating particularly well at day care and really not sleeping either, so I hope those things will straighten themselves out.  Tues I guess he only ate about an ounce at both feedings.  He ate well when I fed him at lunchtime and fell asleep, but he must not have stayed asleep as he really only got about 10 minutes the whole day they said.  The worse thing about Tues though was when I went to get him he was in a bouncy chair crying and no one seemed to be doing anything.  When I walked in they said he had only just started crying, so hopefully that was true.  He didn’t seem all worked up or anything so I’m sure it was.  But Wed he didn’t go in until about 10, after I had gotten him changed and fed and played with him a little.  Then I had meetings until 1 so I called afterwards to see if he’d eaten ok or if I needed to come feed him, and he had taken a couple of ounces and was ok so I didn’t go at lunch that day because I was going to pick him up early for Halloween so wanted to work through lunch if possible.  And I guess at his last feeding he’d had about 3 1/2 oz, which was by far the most he’d had there all week.  Doubtless there are to be some adjustments to day care life for him, so I’m sure his eating and sleeping will get better.

Halloween was fun.  Hayden was a tiger.  His costume had a little tail and everything.  Very cute!  Even Lucy and Abbey got in on the fun.  Lucy was snow white, and might I say the prettiest snow white I have ever seen!  And Abbey was a rooster for a very short time.  John took Hayden around during trick or treating with our neighbor Brian.  Our house sits at the entrance of the neighborhood, and there is only one other house besides ours which sits outside a neighborhood intersection that makes up the southern boundary of most of the trick or treating routes, apparently.  We got very few trick or treaters, in fact almost all of them were families that we are friends with who made a point to come by.  So Lucy and I went over to Macy’s and sat on the porch with Paula and Macy and handed out our candy there.  We got to see a lot more people that way.  But Paula said it was really dead this year compared to other years.  That’s strange because there are loads of kids in our neighborhood and it was fairly warm for the time of year.  We had fun anyway.


Lifting his head August 16, 2007

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There really hasn’t been too much new in Hayden land the last couple of days.  One thing that still amazes me is that he has been lifting his head from the first day he was born.  When he’s hungry, if I am holding him against my chest with his head up near mine, he will root around my face and since he can lift his head so well he will root around my cheek.  He opens his mouth really wide and gently rams it into my cheek over and over.  I say he’s giving me big kisses.  It’s so sweet!  He also has a dimple on his left cheek, and when he cries it becomes really pronounced so it’s hard to take him seriously because he just looks so darn cute with that big dimple!

Last night Grandpa Man and Grandma G (Grandpa and Grandma Harfst) came over to make us dinner again.  Looooovely!  What a wonderful concept that people bring you food when you have a baby!  Our neighbor Paula also made us a really nice meal earlier in the week.  We’re so spoiled right now!  Anyway, Grandpa Man and Grandma G could see that he has changed a lot already and is growing.  He also was awake for a lot of their visit, which was new since every time they’ve seen him he’s been asleep most if not all of the time!

Well, we have just woken up from a nap and it will be food time for him again shortly.  Before then I need to give him a million kisses on his cheeks, neck, and nose, so I best get going!  Oh yes, and hopefully there will be an update to the photos soon.  It’s been quite busy for John since he’s been back to work so he hasn’t been able to update them since the weekend I don’t think.