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Harfst family reunion September 14, 2009

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Better late than never, I guess!  We had a Harfst family reunion, oh, a month ago now up in Saugatuck, MI.  It was a great time!  We had really nice weather, the area was very cute, and we had 100% attendance!  Even my cousin Greg was able to make it, and I haven’t seen him for about 18 years or something crazy like that.  John obviously had never met him.

The first day we hung out at the pool while we waited for people to arrive.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Marilyn had made a fantastic gumbo that we had for dinner (and consequently one of the cottages retained the delicious smell for the rest of the weekend!).  There were 3 cottages side-by-side that we were pretty confined to in the evenings since Hayden had to go to sleep in the early evening.

The second day we went to the beach.  I was really perfect weather, and we all enjoyed catching some rays and shooting the breeze.  In the evening we took a cruise out into Lake Michigan, then had another delicious meal prepared by Uncle Bill and Aunt Marilyn.  Sunday we went out to breakfast and headed home.

It was about a 3 hour drive for each family (apart from Greg, who had flown in from New York).  Hayden did pretty well on both journeys.  We had gotten him a little portable DVD player in the hopes that it would entertain him the whole trip.  He would be into it for a few minutes but that was it.