Hayden and Layla's Place

Milt September 5, 2012

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Suddenly Layla is very interested in milk (“milt,” she says – Hayden used to say “moot”). She’ll tell me she’s “thirsty, Mommy!” I’ll ask her what she wants and she’ll say something like, “Juice, no, milt actually Mommy.” Then she HAS to pick out her sippy cup (“I pick cup, I pick cup!”). She has me hold her up so she’s standing on the counter (with me holding her tightly!) and she’ll evaluate the cup situation and v.e.r.y. slowly decide which one she wants. We are going through cups really quickly all of a sudden, because when she is just drinking juice or water (ok, hardly ever water unless it’s from Mommy or Daddy’s cup, but I am thrilled that both she and Hayden will on occasion want water – Hayden likes it because he can dispense the water and ice himself from the fridge – whatever works!) she can use the same cup throughout the day, but obviously that’s not an option for cups with milk in them since it spoils so quickly when it’s not cold.