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Mummy’s Back! or should I say Mum! October 12, 2010

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Earlier this year Hayden started to become a big daddy’s boy.  Wherever daddy goes, Hayden wanted to go.  If we go anywhere it needs to be in daddy’s car.  If daddy wears a blue shirt, Hayden wants to wear a blue shirt.   If we are out, it’s daddy he wants to hold him, or hold his hand and so on, and on.

This got compounded when Layla was born and Kara and I basically divided duties (i take care of the munchkin, she takes care of the princess) when I’m not at work.   He got even closer to me.  He never rejected Kara and wasn’t mean or anything,  just would generally want to hang out with Daddy, if daddy was around.  If I wasn’t around, then mummy was fine as a fill in.

Well about a month ago after we were getting ready for bed and had just read books and put on his pyjamas.  I was making fun out of him about his pyjamas (because they were way too small for him) and he ran out to the top the stairs and started shouting at Kara “hey mummy, look at me, my pyjamas are so funny”.  Every day since he’ll insist on doing this during bedtime.  Whether it’s about his pjs or what books he read or the fact that he got to brush his teeth while laying on the ground!  Whatever it is he wants to tell mummy!  He’ll stand at the top of the stairs and just jump and shout until he gets mummy’s attention and get’s so happy when he gets it!

Now often he’ll ask “where’s mum” or “what’s mum doing” if she’s not around, and just this morning he wanted to go and say “hi” to mum before we went downstairs!  Welcome back mum!  Now it’s who ever (notice that he now calls her mum instead of mummy!!  have no idea when he made that shift, but just another pointer to him growing up too quickly!)


Where mummy is? February 21, 2010

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I never kid myself, Hayden’s always been a mummy’s boy.  Recently though that has gone into overdrive. “Where mummy is?” is the most common phrase out of his mouth.  Every time Kara is not in site he’ll want to know where she is, what’s she doing and why she isn’t giving him attention.

If Kara tries to sneak out, it’ll take him about 2 seconds until he’ll start asking “where mummy is?”  If I can’t come up with a good reason or excuse that’s not viable then trouble is brewing.  If he senses she has left the building without him, then all hell breaks loose for about 10 minutes, until i bribe with a chocolate raisin.   If she’s just in another room, then give Hayden a few seconds and he’ll be standing next to her giving a strange look saying “don’t you love me anymore mummy?”

To be fair when I’ve been gone recently for a day to two, he did ask where daddy is?  But probably just once and wasn’t that bothered when he got the answer!


I Want Mummy, I Want Mummy December 16, 2009

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I’ve talked before about how Hayden could change on a daily basis around who was his favorite for the given day. Recently he has definitely become a mummy’s boy. In the morning if I walk into his room he’ll get upset and shout “I want mummy, I want mummy”. There are times when if I even look at Hayden he’ll break into a fit and started shouting “i want mummy, i want mummy”. I’ve told him he’s mean – he just says “I want mummy”…..

Still likes having bath time with daddy and going in daddy’s car – so i guess it’s not all bad 🙂