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What’s new? October 18, 2007

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Well it’s been about a week since my last post so this will just be a hodge-podge of stuff I can think of that I haven’t written about yet. 🙂  When Scotty was here the weekend before last, I went to visit my friend from high school (well, elementary school even!) Jennifer who had a baby on Sept 9.  I hadn’t seen little Connor yet and she hadn’t met Hayden, so it was a really fun visit!  When I had talked to her on the phone she was saying how big Connor was.  He was already 9 lbs!  That is big for a one month old, but once we put Hayden next to him he looked pretty tiny!  He also felt sooo light, and Hayden felt sooo heavy to them!  She took a couple of pictures which you can see on her dropshots http://www.dropshots.com/jencaldwell#date/2007-10-06/16:51:13 By the by, in one of the pictures there is a really attractive bug bite on my neck.  It looks like a really classy love bite/hicky or whatever the kids are calling it these days, but I’m afraid it was just a boring old bug.

So the big big news in our world is what happened on Monday.  Hayden was having tummy time and he rolled over from his tummy to his back!  I thought it was a fluke — maybe I hadn’t put him properly on his front or something.  I put him back on his belly and he did it again!  I got the video camera and he even did it two more times for the video camera!  I have tried twice to get him to do it again but so far nothing has materialized.  I couldn’t believe it though!  How exciting!

In other news, Lucy turned one on Monday.  She is no longer a pup!  Her daddy got her a nice new doggy bed — she had ripped her old one to bits even though she still was happy to lay in its remains.  I think John might have gotten a little carried away though, as the bed came with a pillow and a blanket.  A pillow and a blanket.  It’s supposed to be a dog bed.  This from the man who won’t let me put a sweater on the dog.

Today Hayden and I went to Nashville, Indiana with my mom.  Nashville is a little artsy area in southern Indiana that is in the area of a state park that has lots of trees and is really pretty this time of year.  Actually, the trees aren’t really changing color too much this year, but usually this time of year the trees are all sorts of beautiful colors down in that park.  Anyway, it was a lovely day of shopping and eating, and right at the end Hayden pooped up his back while I had him on my lap.  I was just in the process of trying to figure out where I was going to change his diaper, too, little devil!  My mom thought it was the funniest thing she had seen in ages.  Oh the nerve! 🙂