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Animal Noises May 27, 2009

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There comes a time in every kid’s life that animal noises become the funniest things!  That time for me is now, erm I mean Hayden.  For a while now we’ve been teaching him some different noises and he’s starting to get pretty good at them.  His favorite by a mile is lion…

When we were at Naples Zoo on holiday there was this very loud lion that you could roaring all across the zoo.  Hayden was pretty impressed and reacted with his own, just as ferocious, maybe a little quieter.  Since then every time we see anything resembling a lion Hayden gives our the funniest lion roar.

Lion is understandably his favorite but he also is very proficient at moo-ing, baa-ing (Wyn – that one is for you!!), oooh-ohhh-ing (for a Monkey), and this hilarious breathing through his nose thing for a pig!