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Who Is The Parent Here? December 14, 2012

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Hayden is a good boy but obviously gets himself in enough trouble to understand the types of punishments he can find himself with. Have toys taken away, have toys thrown away, ban on video games, no books at bedtime, etc. This is all typically preceded with counting to 5 or 10 to give him a warning.

Hayden being Hayden has decided to become his own parent now to Layla when it comes to dishing out discipline. If Layla is being trouble then he will tell her off and start warning her what is going to happen. He will even start counting (Layla you have five seconds to stop doing x, or daddy will take your Minnie away, etc.). When she actually gets told off he will start jumping around in excitement. The other day he started to warn Layla that if she wasn’t good then she couldn’t come to zoo with us and we would get a babysitter.