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Inside Outside June 27, 2013

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I have two children, and neither seems to want to be in the same place at the same time.  Namely, Hayden never wants to go outside, and Layla

always wants to be outside.  Layla will wake up in the morning and ask when she can go outside.  I have to think of ways to bribe Hayden to be outside.  Sometimes something will work – Gatorade, chocolate, a puzzle book – and the next day the same thing might not work.  I think it stems from his allergies.  He takes an oral allergy liquid, and nasal spray, and (when I can convince him to) eye drops to try to control his allergies.  But, even with all that it is still not unusual to see him itching his nose.  So when I ask him why he doesn’t want to go outside, he says it’s because bugs get in his nose – that seems to be from a time when there were a lot of little gnats out that kept flying in front of our faces while he was also having an itchy nose, and I think he thought they were getting in his nose.  Sometimes it helps his mind to put bug spray on him when we’re out.  But really, sometimes there is just no convincing him, and he’d rather stay inside doing Legos or whatever he wants to do that day.


Where’s My Belt? May 21, 2011

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Hayden has discovered a new game. When I come home from work he loves to grab my belt and run off and hide it. “give me you belt” he will shout at me and try and get it off before I’ve even started to change. Then he will run off and hide it somewhere and let me try and find it. I will inevitably look everywhere but where it is supposed to be and he will get more and more excited as I struggle to find it. In the end I think he feels sorry for me as he starts standing outside the room it’s in trying to drop big subtle hints. Funny little guy.


Layla on the Playmat August 10, 2010

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I got out the playmat we had for Hayden when he was a baby a couple of nights ago for Layla.  It was so cute watching her look at the toys hanging from it with amazement.  She was kicking her little legs and had her eyes and mouth wide open for the longest time.  She made some excited noises, too!  I had gotten it out when Hayden was asleep and we knew that he’d be all over it when she played on it when she was awake,  Sure enough, the next morning when he was up and I put Layla on it again he was right there next to her.  🙂  He was sweet though, making the music go for her and showing her the toys.


I Want to Share Mommy May 11, 2010

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My cousin Greg gave Hayden two cars called Automoblox for Christmas.  They are wooden cars that come apart in a somewhat lego style and you can mix them up.  Anyway, these are kept in Hayden’s room, and one of my favorite things is when he gets takes these cars off his window sill, hands me one, and says, “I want to share Mommy.”  (Meaning, I want to share my cars with Mommy and play together.)  Then we push the cars through his room, going through tunnels (his step stool or through the legs of his giant giraffe, Josie) and making different paths.  I find it so sweet, as he plays so peacefully and quietly and the fact that he has invited me to play with him and acknowledges that he is “sharing” – it’s a happy place for Mommy.


I want to play inside April 3, 2010

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I had to make this the next blog.  Hayden’s excitement of being outside didn’t last long.  We’ve had a fantastic week of weather.  It’s been sunny and ranging from the mid 60’s to the low 80’s which for Indy is pretty amazing for this time of year.  Which means that Kara and I have wanted to get outside as much as possible.  After about five minutes of being out Hayden will just tell us that he wants to play inside (I think he still is missing all his toys from vacation).

It’s killing me.  I get home from work, and just want to sit outside for a few minutes and soak up the nice weather.  Hayden wants to get inside and play cars!  I have to try everything to keep him outside (A bag of M&Ms bought me an hour the other day, I’ll get him into racing monster trucks, doing chalks, etc.. but the minute I let my guard down and stop giving him 120% attention.. “I want to play inside”!