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Kindergarten! August 14, 2013

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H Kindy
Somehow Hayden started Kindergarten today! When he hears me talking about him starting Kindergarten he tells me he’s already been in Kindergarten, because he did Kindergarten at day care. So I will qualify it by saying he is at big school now! He left this morning on the bus. I’ve felt pretty ready for him to start big school, since he’s six now and he seems really ready to start school and proper learning (I thought I would be fine with him going but did get a little teary as he was getting on the bus). He really flourished in Primrose’s Kindergarten program, and I’m excited about the advancements he’ll make in school this year. I kind of took for granted all he

H bus

was learning during his day care Kindergarten year, and then the “summer camp” session started where they stop the classroom learning and it became really clear through out the summer that he’d been learning tons during the school year because he kind of stopped learning there in the summer and as such stopped being interested in reading and numbers.

It’s going to be strange getting used to him being in school Mon – Fri. I typically do a flex schedule with all my hours completed M – Th so I can have the kids on Fri. Now it will just be me and Layla during the day on Friday. That will be good though because I haven’t really had any one-on-one time with her, whereas I had almost three years with Hayden. Watching all the excitement of us getting ready for Hayden to start school over the last few weeks has made her super excited about starting Kindergarten in two years!