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Trains vs Robots May 16, 2012

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Hayden is obsessed by trains.  Has been for a long time.  So imagine our surprise when he said to John a couple of weeks ago that he doesn’t love trains anymore.  He clarified that he still liked trains, but now he loves robots.  Yes, robots.  I have no idea where that came from.  A couple of days later I realized he was talking about Transformers, but I still don’t know how the pieces fit together because I haven’t seen him play with Transformers in a very long time, or take any interest in any robots apart from Bot in the cartoon Team Umizoomi (about which he is also obsessed), and he made it clear when I asked that Bot was not the kind of robot he loved.

Well, since this declaration I have seen very little real interest in robots or transformers, and the same amount of interest in trains.  He has a very thick catalog book on model trains which we got at a model train show, and he can sit for hours looking at each train in that book and talking about what it does.  This is a book that just has tons of pictures of model trains and gives the model number so you can order it, and he looks through it like it holds the answers to life’s most complex problems.  In fact, I have had some nice cuddle time with him the last few days reading the names of the trains to them as he points them out.  So, I think the train love is in full effect, whether he chooses to accept it or not. 🙂