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Booty Scoot (and Boogy) April 14, 2011

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Layla is really getting around!  She is not really crawling, although she does crawl backwards sometimes.  But who needs crawling when you can get where you want to go while sitting upright?! She just sits on her bottom and bends her legs from side to side until she has wriggled herself to where she wants to be.  It’s so efficient and yet subtle that you will swear she didn’t move and yet she is easily 10 feet from where she started.

She is not showing much interest in standing yet.  Sometimes I will have her sitting in front of me and I will take her hands and pull her to a standing position.  She will be happy for a few seconds before she starts whining and moving her butt toward the floor.  Yesterday I put my laptop and phone on the couch (two things she simply can’t resist) and tried to use those to entice her to stay standing holding onto the couch, but even that didn’t really work.  She’s just not too fussed about being on her feet just yet – so be it!