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“Make It Perfect” Shearwater Kaftan August 21, 2010

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I finished the shearwater kaftan shirt that I feel like I have been making for ages!  I used Anna Maria Horner Little Folks voile fabric in Baby Bouquet.  This was the first time I had sewn voile.  It was fine but much less forgiving than the quilting cotton I am used to.  I made several mistakes while sewing this, but I had to keep repeating to myself something I read on the Badskirt blog: Not to fear, I have a seam ripper and I’m not afraid of it!  I really like how it turned out, but I’m afraid it is a tiny bit too small for me.  (I had wanted to get a photo of me wearing it, but I haven’t done that yet and John’s not here right now that will be forthcoming.)  I will happily make another one in a medium, but the annoying thing is with garment patterns you first have to trace the whole pattern in the size you want to make, then cut the fabric from what you traced.  I’m a little bummed that in order to make another one I have to retrace the pattern in the slightly larger size.  Not a big deal, just when I was tracing it the first time I was thinking next time I made it I would be going straight to cutting the fabric! 🙂  Impatient much?