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‘Mon Haddy July 8, 2012

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Kara has mentioned that the kids are starting to play together and starting to conspire to cause trouble. Layla is absolutely the ring leader! Hayden’s personality is that he either wants to play by himself, or he will follow (usually girls) what others are up to. Layla just does what she wants!

As they get into trouble we will regularly hear “Mon Haddy, Mon Haddy” (Layla telling Hayden to come on, incase it wasn’t obvious). Layla instigating, and then Hadyen a very willing accomplish!

One of their current favorite activities is them wearing Kara’s shoes and trouncing around the house. Or running into the “cold room” (room over the garage and named by Hayden) and tormenting Lucy in there.

It’s fun to watch then together but I feel the trouble has just started.


If I have to do it Haddy has to do it June 4, 2012

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Layla has her own version of things not being fair. If we make her do something she doesn’t like for example wash her hair, go take a nap, etc. then first she will try to deflect and have Haddy go first, otherwise after she has complained she will then start getting start pointing and go “Haddy wash now, Haddy wash now” for example. If she has to do, then Hayden has to do it!


Competitive December 30, 2011

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Hayden hasn’t traditionally been that competitive. For example when we played football (soccer) this year he loved playing when he had the ball and we were doing training drills etc, but when we played games he had no interest in tackling other players, and hated it if someone took the ball from him. When he plays basketball it’s generally just running around with no real concept of trying to take the ball away from others. However when it comes to Layla he is the most competitive kid you’ll ever see. He wants to do everything before her, or better than her, or if she’s doing it then he wants to take over and do it.

Starts with when they both share my cereal each morning.  Cue Hayden “I want the first bite because I was here before Layla”.  Then some others that come up throughout the day:

  • I want to get in the bath before Layla.
  • I want to get my coat on FIRST.
  • Lift me over first, before Layla.
  • I want more water in the bath because I’m older than Layla.
  • I want to get up the stairs before Layla.
  • Why did Layla get up before me, I want to get up before Layla.
  • I am faster than Layla
  • Layla doesn’t get as much ice cream as me, because I’m bigger than her
  • I get more presents than Layla because I’m bigger
  • I got the most, I got more than Layla

There is no end to this competitive streak – today when he was going to the toilet he told me that he has more pee pees than Layla!!


The Best Toy in Our House October 13, 2011

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We have the GREATEST toy in our house, and it’s called “Whatever-Layla-Is-Playing-With-At-This-Exact-Moment!” Hayden has been breathing down Layla’s neck big time lately, and whatever she is playing with is the ONLY thing that he is interested in.

Hayden and Layla stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s last weekend while John and I participated in an annual neighborhood party, and when she came back she had a little purse she likes to play with there that she wouldn’t let go of that Grandma let her keep for now. She has been carrying that thing around with her every waking moment since she came home, except when Hayden takes it. To be fair, he is really nice about playing with her toys. Unlike many his age, he tells me he wants to play with it instead of snatching it out of her hands. The trouble is he is just relentless. He sees her playing with the bag and he has to have it. It’s like mental gymnastics trying to keep everyone happy – showing Hayden that sharing goes two ways, and just like I expect him to share he also gets to share the things of Layla’s that he is interested in, but also wanting Layla to get time to spend with this toy that she treasures so much, and also making sure Hayden doesn’t think that just because he wants something doesn’t mean he can always have it, and reminding him that when he is in the middle of playing with something and Layla comes over to him I don’t let her take it away from him so I won’t let him do it to her…

Today I remembered I had made a bag with fabric that had construction vehicles all over it that was kid sized, so made a big presentation of it that it was a special purse just for him. He looked at it and said he wanted a little red one like Layla has. So much for that! He told me a number of times this morning that he wants a bunch of purses for Christmas. Incidentally, it’s funny to watch him play with the bag, compared to how Layla does it. She carries it on her shoulder like a woman does. Hayden was “playing” with it today but holding it by the strap and whipping it around. He did like putting his big airplane in the bag I gave him, too.

So, when Layla does have to give up the bag to share with Hayden there are a lot of tears, so I have been spending a lot of energy trying to find equally interesting things for her to play with while Hayden has her precious bag. The next part pretty much writes itself if you have any experience with any 4 year old ever (or read the first line of this blog), but as soon as she gets interested in any other toy suddenly Hayden wants to play with it. Usually he will drop the bag and tell me that Layla can now play with it, but even so she is usually not too thrilled to have the new toy that is interesting taken away so soon even if she does have the bag back.


Layla Likes It! March 5, 2011

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I think this has been said a lot recently, but Hayden and Layla are getting on really well.  He’s being really patient with her (considering he is 3 and she doesn’t understand any of his orders (i.e. “don’t touch that Monster truck Layla it’s not for babies”)).  He often will just bring her toys if he comes across what he defines as a baby toy.  He loves giving her things and then he’ll tell us “Layla likes it” and it brings great satisfaction to him!  You never know how kids are going to develop and pay attention to their siblings so it’s fun to see how much he cares about her.  Hopefully gives us an insight into what a wonderful and caring man he will grow to be!!!

He does a similar thing regarding making her laugh.   There was a time when he played peek a boo with her in the car and she found it hilarious.  Since then it’s old news to her and she wants a new trick.  Well Hayden will still try peek a boo even though she is over it and then he’ll tell us “Layla’s laughing!”  ( even though she is just starting out the window!! – we just agree and encourage Hayden – we don’t want to hurt his feelings!