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Iced in February 2, 2011

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Should I just start every post from now until the kids are in school with something along the lines of how crap I’ve been at writing new posts?  It’s the dead of winter, we are literally snowed in (actually “iced” in as it’s more ice than snow) because it is only supposed to be emergency personnel on the roads, and only now am I able to steal a moment to make a post. John’s office has been closed yesterday and today due to the weather.  Yesterday was a regular non working day for me, so the only difference for me was that we were confined to the house.  We had fun though, playing all over the house and having some downtime in the afternoon watching The Lion King (my favorite cartoon movie).  Hayden watched it very intently for 20 or 25 minutes, then he was having me make tunnels with my legs for him to crawl under as well as climbing all over my head.

John was out of town last week for four days, and as a result it seems as though in Hayden’s world Mommy has finally made a comeback!  For many months now Hayden has been a big daddy’s boy, to the extent that many times he wants nothing to do with me if Daddy is around.  (When Daddy’s not around there’s never been a problem, phew!)  But he has seemed to come back around to me since John’s business trip.  Don’t get me wrong, he is still very into Daddy, but he will say to John he wants to do something with me now that previously he would have never wanted to do with me if Daddy were available (i.e. go for a walk).  Its nice to be back!  And I’m enjoying it while it lasts, because he is a typical fickle three-year-old and I know this could change with the wind!


Snow doesn’t stop a 2 year old January 10, 2010

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We got our first decent dump of snow of the season this week and we were very intriged to see what Hayden thought of it.  Last year he hadn’t been walking confidently for that long so he wasn’t completely convinced about the wanders of the white stuff.  I had to go out and shouvel the snow off the drive way and Kara had asked Hayden if we wanted to help and of course he said yes.  She had bought him a baby shouvel a couple of weeks back.

Two attempts at shoveling and he was done with that! (need to work on that, we have a pretty big driveway!)  But he just wanted to play with all his outside toys.  To him it was as if it was just summer again.  (it was about 10F).  So he proceeded to get all his toys out as normal!  He got a little frustrated as some of his trucks got stuck in the snow, so I had to escalate my shoveling so he had a little path through which he could push it.  Generally he just got on about his business like there wasn’t 5 inches of snow on the ground.  He also got on his quad bike, but experienced his first wheel spin (it’s only 2 wheel drive) which he wasn’t that impressed with and gave me a look that said “daddy you need to get me a 4×4″…  He even tried to get his chaulks out!!  I had to explain that might be a little difficult!!


Snow January 2, 2008

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This has been a busy month for Hayden.  He has developed so much and has seen and learned so many new things.  He also got his first experience of snow.  I was quote impressed with him when I took him out in the snow his carrier just after

we had a pretty good snowfall.  He didn’t seem to care less about the cold and in fact was able to take a little nap on our walk.  I am trying to make sure he is tough – it’s working so far 🙂