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Sports November 15, 2011

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Hayden has been involved in a few sports lately.  He was on a soccer team in the early fall.  He was very keen to play before it started, but when they played actual games he was not into it at all.  To be fair, he was one of the youngest and the only one without an older sibling (so he had no frame of reference about what was going on).  John was the coach, which I know Hayden loved, but even with John being out on the field it wasn’t enough to make Hayden really enjoy the games.  We think he was just too young.  If he wants to try again next year we can see how he gets on.  I think it’s too early to rule soccer out.

He also started Tae Kwon Do a couple of months ago.  We were told it could be good to help him gain confidence and come out of his shell a bit.  I am sure that for a vast majority of kids, this is the case, but Hayden is not into it at all.  It is a huge chore to even get him to go, which is a great shame because the commitment we had to give was a full year!  I cannot believe that they make 4 year olds sign up for a one year commitment, but here we are.  We will see what will happen because if he continues to really not like it then we will work with them to lessen our commitment.  They know he is struggling with it and are working with him to try to help him through.

So next up is basketball!  Hayden has talked about  basketball being his favorite sport for quite some time now, so he is now old enough to be in a team and we have signed him up.  We had his first practice last week, and – surprise, surprise – he was not that into it!  lol  Again he is the youngest by quite a bit (although he holds his own in the height department).  It’s hard to get him to even practice dribbling at home or anything.  Hopefully we can figure something out to get him to dribble because otherwise he will be at a big disadvantage when the games start in Dec.

I think he will like playing sports eventually, but at this point I am putting a damper on any ideas he has had lately of playing baseball in the spring! 🙂


Left Handed? February 17, 2008

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Recent observations are hinting that he might well be left handed. That is only a good thing me thinks in terms of his future sporting career. Tennis players always hate the lefty, left handed cricketers have a lot of success in comparison with the number of righties, and so on.

For all the English out there lets hope he’s left footed and doesn’t take after his dad in terms of footy skills. Why did Ryan Giggs choose Wales!!!