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Crawling and Standing June 27, 2011

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Layla is sort of working on a couple of developmental milestones, in her own reluctant way. 🙂  Last week she was on the floor and she seemed to be very deliberately trying to work out how to crawl.  She was on her hands and knees, and she would bring up one hand and bash it back down on the floor a little further out, then move her knee a little closer to her hands, etc.  I was surprised because she is such an efficient scooter I figured she would forgo crawling altogether.  And she very well might, because she hasn’t really explored crawling much since then.


We have been trying to work with her on standing.  Whenever we try to set her down so she is standing she just keeps her legs out in front of her so she is put down on her bottom.  She will stand when she can lean against something, such as the ottoman, but it doesn’t take long before she will start fussing or trying to sit back down because she doesn’t seem to like standing.  She has pulled herself up about 5 times in about the same number of days.  I’ve only seen it once (she was on the floor by the bathtub and pulled herself to a stand to try to reach the toys in the bath) because the other 4 times were at day care (she did it 4 times in a row there).  I made some wonderful (if I do say so myself!) chocolate chip cookies with the kitchen aid mixer I got for my birthday and our new convection oven, so maybe later today I will see if I can bribe her to a stand with pieces of cookie! 🙂  I seem to remember getting results practicing walking with Hayden using food.


Booty Scoot (and Boogy) April 14, 2011

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Layla is really getting around!  She is not really crawling, although she does crawl backwards sometimes.  But who needs crawling when you can get where you want to go while sitting upright?! She just sits on her bottom and bends her legs from side to side until she has wriggled herself to where she wants to be.  It’s so efficient and yet subtle that you will swear she didn’t move and yet she is easily 10 feet from where she started.

She is not showing much interest in standing yet.  Sometimes I will have her sitting in front of me and I will take her hands and pull her to a standing position.  She will be happy for a few seconds before she starts whining and moving her butt toward the floor.  Yesterday I put my laptop and phone on the couch (two things she simply can’t resist) and tried to use those to entice her to stay standing holding onto the couch, but even that didn’t really work.  She’s just not too fussed about being on her feet just yet – so be it!


Recent developments March 3, 2011

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I’m telling you, these kids are just changing too darn fast!  It seemed like Layla had a developmental burst in just a couple of days.  Sunday John gave her a cracker and she just gobbled that thing right up (feeding herself).  She had really only been eating baby food that we spoon-fed to her up to that point.  She also started waving last weekend, which is just about the cutest thing ever.  I’ve tried to get it on video, but she gets distracted when she seems me filming her.  It looks like she’s trying to use her fingers to get something off of her thumb, but it’s definitely a wave because she does it in response to us saying “hi!” and waving to her.  She also can stand now if she is holding onto something like the ottoman.  She doesn’t really LIKE it, but she can do it. 🙂

And Hayden is change as always, too.  Yesterday I was thinking how far he’s come because when he was a toddler he would cry when I would trim his fingernails.  I remember John sitting next to us feeding him little bites of dried apricot as a distraction while I trimmed his nails, to try to keep him from being too upset.  Then we got into a routine where he could watch Dora the Explorer while he got his nails trimmed, and that was a good incentive for him so he got to the point where he didn’t cry anymore because he was watching Dora.  Recently he’s fine just having his nails cut while there are no distractions.  But I was pretty gobsmacked yesterday when I mentioned that he needed to have his nails cut and he then proceeded to ask me no less than three times over the next hour if I could cut his nails.  THEN, when I finally got a chance to sit down and cut them, he – wait for it – asked me if I could also trim his toenails.  I mean, really.  This boy’s going to go off to college the next time I blink!