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Darth Vader December 14, 2012

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Much to my dismay Hayden has started to take an affection towards Star Wars. I think it really triggered from being at Disney World and going on the Star Wars ride there. Then from there he has watched the movies, and generally just got excited about it. Now he has Star Wars pyjamas, t-shirts, socks, posters, and even bed toys. Generally he loves Darth Vader the most but also gets excited about Han Solo and R2D2 and many others.

Halloween he wanted to be Darth Vader. However a little hiccup was that he didn’t like the mask. You can’t have darth vader without the mask. Luckily Kara came across an Angry Birds Darth Vader costume! Perfect combination!

Layla is not to be left out of this. She also seems to get excited about Darth Vader. I have a key chain and every time she sees it she will start shouting Darth Vader loudly and then she’ll start doing the Star Wars theme song “der der der der……” She is so funny!