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Fun stuff with cousins July 8, 2009

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Summer is in full swing, and we have had a couple of outings with Hayden’s cousins, Jesse and Robby.  We went to the Monon Center water park, which was such a fun day! It’s a new center that opened last year, and it’s perfect for their age.  There’s a baby area that was good for Robby and Hayden, and another area that was for slightly older kids (preschool and older, I would say) but it was shallow enough that they could still play on some parts in that area, too.  There is a lazy river that we floated on.  There are two sections on the lazy river where you have to go under water that is pouring down waterfall-style, and the water flows a little too powerfully I think.  Hayden was really anxious whenever we would approach a waterfall (he was literally trying to scramble out of my lap), but if we got over to the side you could somewhat avoid it slightly and that seemed better for him.  It was such a hot day that there were tons of people there, but luckily it didn’t hamper our good time.

Over the 4th of July weekend we went to the zoo with the cousins (and Grandma, Grandpa, Dusty, Tami, and even our friend Scott who was over visiting from England).  It was really sweet because whenever Robby is around Hayden he is sooo sweet with him.  He loves being around him and always watches out for him and offers his toys to Hayden.  At the zoo he kept holding hands with Hayden, which was adorable and also very practical since it was incredibly busy.

I bought Hayden some sunglasses before our Florida vacation in the spring, and he would have nothing to do with them for months.  Suddenly a couple of weeks ago he grabbed my sunglasses off my face and wore them quite happily.  John then got him to wear his own sunglasses later, and now he absolutely loves wearing them.  John put them on him when we got to the zoo and he had them on for ages.  He looked hilarious!  He was running around the play area and they were bouncing up and down on his face, and I had assumed he was only wearing them because he forgot they were on and once he remembered they were on he would take them off, but as they were bouncing on his face he just adjusted them and kept going!