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He vants to suck your bloooood… May 19, 2008

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In addition to the discomfort Hayden is experiencing with his ear infection (which doesn’t really seem to bother him, apart from the drops that have to go in twice a day), over the last couple of weeks he has also been working on cutting six more teeth!  Two of them have actually broken through already, and the other 4 are just under the surface.  The first one to cut was his second from middle tooth on the top left side.  That is unusual because usually the order is bottom 2 middle first, then top 2 middle, then the 2 middle side ones on top, then the 2 bottom middle side ones.  The other one that has already come through is the left side middle on the bottom.  We hope his top middle ones break through before the top right second from middle, otherwise he will be a silly vampire baby! 🙂  They all look like they could break through any minute, so even if the side one comes through before the middle ones it won’t be long until they are all through.  He is going to look so different with all those teeth!  He got his bottom 2 so early that we thought the others would come through sooner, but it’s been 4 months with just those bottom 2 teefers.


Poor little lad February 1, 2008

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Well, Hayden has had a rough few days.  His first two teeth have finally pushed through, so he seems to have a bit of relief from that, but now he is suffering through his first illness.  Sunday he developed this terribly phlegmy cough.  Monday he still had the cough and a low-grade fever, so I kept him home with me while I worked.  The fever and cough have continued, so he ended up staying home all three days.  Yesterday his fever shot up to 100.9.  I got him into the doctor, and he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis.  There is really nothing they can do for it, but it is highly contagious and takes a while to go away.  So I have already told his day care that he will not be coming in next week, either.  I don’t want any of the other babies to get sick, even though he probably got it from them (I even know which one, the little bugger 😉 ).  John is going to try to work from home one day next week and my mom is going to watch him another day – typical that I have a really busy couple of weeks workwise coming up.

Anyway, so he is soldiering through that.  He is really sleepy from it, but doesn’t want to take naps on his own (not that he ever does – but when he cries you can hear the strain in his voice so I am trying to keep him from crying as much as possible), so during the day he just snuggles me and sleeps most of the time.  He was sleeping really well in the evenings until last night when he was up most of the night.  I was up several times cuddling with him to try to soothe him.

Yesterday the doctor gave me some signs to watch for which meant that Hayden was struggling to breathe and told me to call if I saw that happen.  This morning he was showing those signs so they had us come in right away.  Luckily he was getting enough oxygen through his system according to a machine they read from his toe.  It sounded like if that wouldn’t have had a good reading he would have had to go to the hospital.  They have me a nebulizer machine to give him some medicine via vapors that he inhales.  He also has an ear infection today, even though yesterday his ears looked good.  I feel so sorry for him.  He’s not been in good spirits, either.  Hopefully he will start to get better next week.


Daddy’s Thoughts January 21, 2008

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Kara stole most of the cool things that have recently happened but I felt I ought to blog and write about munchkin.  He has started to become quite serious this week.  He is starting to get content sometimes to just sit and stare at things.  Today for example he was just looking at my face like it was the most interesting thing in the world, normally he just laughs when he looks at my face!!  He is still addicted to TV.  Especially any football which is great news for me as I’ve got a good excuse to watch it!! 🙂

I like to teach him to be tough and typically give him little or no sympathy when he fusses but I must admit with all his teething this week I have really felt for him.  You can see his little toother that has come through and see there are two or three more pushing through and really hurting him!  Poor little fella!!  He still loves bath time though!! and that’s my time!!  He can be really moody – but get him the bath and everything changes to happiness!! 😀



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Friday was our first Aquababes class, which is the baby/parent swimming class we signed up for.  It was so fun!  The water was really warm, so it was really nice not to have to worry about him being too cold, particularly as he was in and out of the water a bit.  I was quite surprised because I had thought the babies would always have some sort of flotation device like floaties on or something, and I thought we would try to keep them from going under.  They actually encourage us to get our babies underwater quite a bit.  There is a reflex that babies have until they are 2 years old where when their face hits the water their throat automatically closes.  But the face has to hit the water quickly; if you are too slow in getting them underwater then the reflex doesn’t kick in.  So there were different exercises around this, like first we sat the babies on this bar on the side of the pool that was just below the surface of the water.  We counted to three and then let them fall forward into the water.  Hayden was really good about it.  It obviously caught him by surprise but he didn’t cry or anything.  (It was all at the parent’s discretion – if the parent wasn’t comfortable then they didn’t have to have the baby go underwater.  But I trusted that it was ok and of course it was.)  Then we did a bit of ‘swimming,’ holding baby under the arms to our side with him on his belly and walking him to the other side of the pool; then having his head on my shoulder with him on his back and ‘backstroking’ to the other side.  We sat them up on the side of the pool and had them fall forward into the water, similar to the first exercise but they were completely out of the pool.  Then there were a few other games and activities.  It was really fun and we did a lot!  He was exhausted by the end.  He hadn’t had a great morning nap – what a surprise since we have such napping troubles in general!  So I was glad he was in such a good mood for the whole hour, and then at the very end when he started getting tired I was not surprised.  He was still good and didn’t really cry until he was separated from me for a short time for one of the exercises.  He just cuddled against me at the end and made lots of mumbly noises like he does when he’s really tired.

Oh yeah, and one of his buddies from day care is in his class!  We were in the locker room getting ready for the class, and I turned around and there was Oliver and his mom!  So that was really nice.  And I talked to several of the other moms during the class and they were all really nice.  There were 8 parent/baby pairs.  For half of us it was the first time we had taken the class, so I liked that we weren’t the only new ones.

It’s been a nice but COLD weekend here.  We have a fire going today but it’s still quite cold in the family room.  We didn’t go out at all today, but yesterday we went out briefly to get groceries and lunch.  We were outside for about 3 minutes, just going from the car to Target and the restaurant, but Hayden’s poor little face got chapped from the cold.  It’s pretty much back to normal now, but it was red and rough yesterday and most of today.  He has also been suffering with his teething this weekend.  He still just has that one tooth that has broken through.  There is at least one more trying to push its way through at the moment.


Tooth! January 17, 2008

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Hayden cut his first tooth yesterday! He’s really been suffering with his teething the last couple/few weeks. Yesterday his bottom right one finally pushed on through! You can see a little bit of white there, but you can feel it easier than you can see anything. Hopefully he will be a little more comfortable for a while now. He’s just growing so fast! I can’t believe what a big boy his already, with teeth and everything. He’ll be voting soon.


Oh how he changes! January 5, 2008

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John captured a lot of the latest stuff with Hayden that we hadn’t had a chance yet to post.  All of his recent developments have been so fun and exciting!  We try all the time now to get him to do his belly laughs.  As John mentioned, we think he is teething at the moment as he is really fussy and drooly.  He has had a couple of rough days and it’s hard to even get him to smile, so there haven’t been any laughs from him lately. 😦

We have started him on solid food!  The Friday before Christmas we fed him some infant rice cereal.  He pulled the funniest faces, as though he didn’t like it.  He ate it like a champ, though.  The first couple of times he ate a few bites and was done, but after that he has having seconds!  He ate only cereal once per day until yesterday when we started him on avocado.  He really likes avocado.  I am making his baby food instead of buying the commercial baby food, which I think I will really quite enjoy.  Next will be sweet potatoes and then bananas.  He has to eat only the new food for 4 – 7 days before trying a new food to make sure he doesn’t have an allergy to it.

We have had a lovely week and a half off for Christmas.  It was so great having Michelle and Stuart here over the holidays.  Tomorrow we have to go back to work. 😦  Fortunately for me I only have to work tomorrow and then get my normal Thurs and Fri off.  My mom is going to watch Hayden tomorrow so he doesn’t have to go to day care.  If he doesn’t go at all in a week they only charge half, but if he goes for even one day it’s regular price.  So Grandma is going to take care of him while I work!


Development January 2, 2008

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This has been a big development month for Hayden.  I think we’ve seen the most development in the last three weeks versus any other time in his short life.   He has really starting to use his hands.  He can hold things now and pulls on things.  He can recognise and react to mine and Kara’s voices.  He has started to laugh and he smiles just all the time.  He is a really happy baby! (well normally – I think he is just starting to teethe so that is probably challenging for him!).  He is also starting to master the roll over – of course this type of development means we have to keep more of an eye on him as he can get up to more mischief!!!!