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Thumb sucking July 3, 2009

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Last time my cousin Mandy was here she pointed out something I hadn’t really noticed before.  When Hayden is sucking his thumb he puts his other hand up to his cheek.  He has his left thumb in his mouth and his right hand laying there on his face.  He does this most of the time when he is thumb sucking, particularly when he is tired (which is the most common time he sucks his thumb in the first place).  It’s pretty cute!


Thumb Sucker!! March 3, 2008

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It’s official!! Hayden likes to suck his thumb. In fact he thinks his thumb is the tastiest thing in the world!! Oh well, least he has a friend to rely on when times are tough. I just hope he’s not still sucking it when he’s 20!!


Thumb sucking and swimming October 4, 2007

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Hayden had a couple of fun developments today.  This morning I was giving him a bath and he was really kicking his legs about as though he was enjoying the splashing and wanted to swim!  I kept splashing water on his belly and arms to keep them warm, and that would start him off — he’d just start swimming his little legs around!  It was so much fun watching him!  He really enjoys bath time.  The other development happened as he was awakening from his nap.  I heard him on the baby monitor making some noises so I went up to get him.  When I went up there he seemed really interested in his hands, so I let him lay there a while so he could study them.  He brought his hand up to his face and it was obvious he was trying to get his thumb in his mouth.  He managed to get it in there for a few seconds of sucking, and he had all of his fingers open like he did the first time he sucked his thumb.  It was so sweet.  He tried a few more times to work out how to suck his thumb but didn’t quite connect.  He sucked part of his hand for a while but it was obvious that wasn’t what he was after.   It’s cool because he is starting to become aware of himself!

Today at lunchtime we had a lovely visit with Grandma and Grandpa Hammond and Daddy.  Mom came over at lunchtime because she hadn’t seen Hayden in so long, and Jim happened to be in the area for a meeting so he popped in too (he had also been missing Hayden).  Both of them had colds so they were sad that they couldn’t hold him today.  Then John decided to come home for lunch, too.  So we had a nice visit with all of them which was unusual for a weekday.  Made it feel like the weekend!  Now we are just waiting for our friend Scott to arrive from England, as he is on an American holiday and will be with us until Monday when he heads over to New York.  We can’t wait to see him!


Thumb sucking August 14, 2007

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Hayden has sucked his thumb a couple of times.  He hasn’t quite gotten it down yet, though.  He puts his thumb in his mouth and sticks all four fingers up and covers his face.  It’s soooo cute and funny!  The first time he did it he poked himself in the eye, bless him.  It was all red and watery for a few minutes.

We also might have finally solved the leaking problem somewhat.  We switched brands and seem to have had better luck so far with the new ones.  Saying that, though, we did have a leak this morning, but I put that down to sod’s law as I had just given him a bath 20 minutes or so before that happened.  I’m sure if I hadn’t done that he wouldn’t have leaked. 🙂