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Feed Time November 15, 2011

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We have had to change up a few things to accommodate Layla’s eating.  She’s become a little high maintenance lately in this arena.  She eats fruit very well, and we had gotten in the habit of filling her plate mostly with fruit, with some sort of main entree.  Soon, she would eat up all her fruit and not touch the main entree (you know, the part that is supposed to fill her up).  Now we are feeding her as much as we can find that is healthy but not fruit, and she can have her fruit at the end.  That kind of worked for a short time, but now I am finding she eats a tiny bit of her meal and hands her plate over to say she is done.  So, we are currently weighing whether it is better to get her used to just eating what is given with fruit as a dessert if she eats enough of her other stuff, or if she should have some fruit which she will definitely eat even if she doesn’t eat her other stuff, in hopes she will stay a little fuller a little longer through the night.  She keeps waking at 6 am every morning, and we think it’s mainly because she is hungry.  She’s just not old enough yet to reason with (“eat this stuff so I can give you what you really want”).

She had also gotten into bad habits with her high chair.  For some reason, whenever I would sit near her she would decide she was done eating and want to come sit in my lap.  This would then be followed by a game she would play where she would dive into her high chair from my lap, and keep trying to go back and forth.  So now I eat my breakfast standing up, away from where she is eating, so she can focus on her food.  It is helping, but she is still so darn fickle with her food that it doesn’t guarantee she will eat all of her breakfast.