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Dora, Dora, Dora the explorer July 8, 2009

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Hayden has inherited many books from the neighbors down the street, and several of these books are Dora the Explorer books.  He has always been interested in them, and so we looked around and found the show on tv.  We’ve recorded a bunch of them so we can have them on hand whenever they are needed, like when his nails need to be trimmed or sunscreen needs to be applied (these two things really get him into terrible two toddler mode).  He LOVES Dora.  He’ll watch it and when she comes on he says Dora! about a hundred times.  Then her monkey friend Boots comes on and it’s Boots! a hundred time.  Then Map comes on, and it’s Map! Map! Map!… He loves it.  Dora uses some Spanish words throughout her show, and he repeat these (with some encouragement from Mommy and Daddy) which is quite cute.


Daddy’s Thoughts January 21, 2008

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Kara stole most of the cool things that have recently happened but I felt I ought to blog and write about munchkin.  He has started to become quite serious this week.  He is starting to get content sometimes to just sit and stare at things.  Today for example he was just looking at my face like it was the most interesting thing in the world, normally he just laughs when he looks at my face!!  He is still addicted to TV.  Especially any football which is great news for me as I’ve got a good excuse to watch it!! 🙂

I like to teach him to be tough and typically give him little or no sympathy when he fusses but I must admit with all his teething this week I have really felt for him.  You can see his little toother that has come through and see there are two or three more pushing through and really hurting him!  Poor little fella!!  He still loves bath time though!! and that’s my time!!  He can be really moody – but get him the bath and everything changes to happiness!! 😀


Presents! January 2, 2008

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I like presents.  I like the paper they come in.  I am learning to open it and eat it.  It’s the best 🙂

I got lots of presents, it appears people like me.  I got this huge Giraffe which is really cool.  I’m going to ride that when I’m older 🙂  I also got this really cool activity mat that I lie around on all the time.  It’s got lots of things I can pull and play with.  I also got a jumperoo from my mummy and daddy.  It’s brilliant.  I like it when they put it in front of the TV when there is football on.  That is probably my favourite thing in the whole world.

I also got myself lots of cool clothes.  It is important that I look good when I’m out as I have a lot of chicks to impress.

I keep getting books – unfortunately I can’t read yet but I like to suck on them, I like to suck on anything I can get my hands on!!!  Yummy!


TV Junkie December 3, 2007

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We have created a monster!! Hayden is addicted to TV. I like to sit him on my lap when I’m watching football and he has become so addicted to it already. If there is a TV on in the room it’s all he can look at with this look of amazement!!

These two pictures give an example of his recent behaviour. The first one I had deliberately moved his swing around so he could not see the TV anymore yet still he manged to twist his head around and get a glimpse!! Cheeky monkey!

This second one he is supposed to be looking at me while his mum holds him – but he is firmly fixed on watching the TV. Luckily the trend at the moment is he likes sport the most. Maybe this isn’t such a bad habit!! 🙂


home alone September 30, 2007

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Not only is that the title of my favourite movie in the world, but also it’s the story of my week.  I’ve had Hayden to myself for two nights this week and most of Saturday.  I called it babysitting, Kara corrected me that it’s actually called parenting :).

I was a little worried because he comes across as a bit of a mummy’s boy, and he cries and cries when I hold him, give him to Kara and silence!  Kara thinks it’s the boobs.  Like father like son then…  Anyway back on track, I found it so much easier to take care of him when I was on my own for a couple of reasons.  Firstly you are the only one.  So failure is not an option, you’ve got to do something otherwise he’s going to cry and cry and scare the cats.  Secondly, you’re not being watched, you can try lots of techniques to entertain him and keep him quiet, if it doesn’t work there is no one to laugh at you!!

So things actually went pretty well.  It’s hard to get him to sleep in the evenings as he fights it so hard, but as long as you’ve got a bottle of milk you can basically get through anything!   We danced around to various music, he particularly liked Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs so he has good music taste which is very important for any son of mine!  We watched baseball, football and American football, Hayden liked them all of course, and asked me if we could watch more.

Going back to the sleep thing.  It is really a challenge to get to sleep.  I was sweating and my legs were killing by the time I got him to sleep on Friday night!!  Friday nights are very different these days!  Anyway better finish this blog now or will be as long as one of Kara’s… O:-)  Just kidding honey! 🙂


Another week flies by August 25, 2007

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Hayden is a giant.  I look at him in his pack and play when he’s just laying there and I swear he has grown 3 or 4 inches already.  It might be that when he was born he didn’t stretch his legs out much or something, but he is just so long!! I’m not sure where he gets it from, the tallest on either side of our family’s is probably my dad at 6 foot and a little bit.  It’s a good job we don’t have a milkman otherwise I would be worried 🙂

I haven’t seen as much of Hayden as I would have liked this week.  My new job is really starting to kick in, I really like it but I have a  lot of work to do, and longer hours than my last one.  A couple of days this week I swear he didn’t even open his eyes when I was home!  But then again I love it when he’s sleeping!  I like to lay in front of the TV with him on my belly and he cuddles me!! That’s the best!! 😀


Hayden Shows An Interest August 17, 2007

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Hayden has taken to watching footy this week.  Perfect timing as the premiership started this week.  He is thrilled as his team, Everton FC, are top of the league.  He had a great time watching them thrash Grandpa Goodwin’s team in the week.


First Week With My Son! August 11, 2007

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Time flies, obvious statement but so very true during the first week of Hayden’s life.   Every-time Kara and me looked at the clock we were like “How can it be that late? where did the last hour or two go?”  Every minute with him in these first few days has just been precious.  We just can’t stop holding him, cuddling him talking to him , singing and dancing with him (well maybe that’s just me!).  He is the most adorable little man ever.  I am biased but I don’t care.  For a newborn he is so just so beautifully formed, his complexion is fantastic and just has the funniest little expressions already.

He peed on his Mum this morning, a perfectly formed circle of pee appeared on her t-shirt. He he.  He ‘sat’ down and watched Grandpa Goodwin’s football team Tottenham Hotspur lose this morning.  He felt bad for his grandpa but he loved his first football game and has demanded that he is allowed to watch more.

He really is a little rock and roll star, the only thing he needs to improve on is his toilet habits.   The night before last I changed his nappy four times in 30 minutes, and then last night everytime he peed he leaked his nappies, i think we had to change his clothes 4 or 5 times, and already twice today and it’s not lunchtime yet!!!  Little pee pee monster!

Oh and of course he is the most advanced one week year old I have ever seen 😀

I love him!