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Layla and her books June 20, 2012

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Layla has been loving being read to lately.  She’ll grab a book and come snuggle into one of our laps to be read to.  She does NOT appreciate any attempts to multitask!  In the morning, I will take her downstairs with me and she will play while I log in to start work.  When she comes to sit in my lap to read, usually I will spend most of the time reading, but I might click on a new email when it comes in to stay on top of work.  All I have to do is move my hand in the general direction of my computer, and she will grab my finger, say, “Mommy, no,” and point my finger onto the book and ask, “Mommy what’s this?”  She’ll keep hold of my finger and keep pointing it to different things in the book asking what they are (even when she knows perfectly well what they are).  It is very funny!  It does not help me to the goal I share with all working mothers of growing children – to do everything at once all the time – but it does make me laugh.  John and I say it all the time: The girl knows what she wants, that is for sure! 🙂

Lately she’s been really into this Elmo book that plays music.  It’s got board book pages and then buttons down the right side that play music relating to the various pages.  She’s playing with this a lot, and last night while John was reading to the kids before bed I could hear him through the monitor singing the songs in that book with them, and I was laughing to myself because I had the very song in my head that he was singing.  Then I went to pick up the toys in the family room and I saw the book they were reading/singing to on the floor in front of me.  Apparently we have 2 of that particular book – no wonder she is able to get so much play time with it!


Weirdo Week – Water World March 3, 2011

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This has just been a crazy, water-filled week!  The water theme started with Hayden and Layla taking their first bath together on Sunday – that was just too cute.  Hayden was good about sharing bath toys with Layla and was really excited that the time is finally starting that they get to do things together that are verging on playing like that.

Overnight on Sunday we had a huge storm.  Hayden even woke up crying because of the lightning, and I can’t remember him ever doing that before.  He was fine once I went in there and talked to him about it, though.  We didn’t hear from him again, even though the thunder got much worse afterwards.

John got a rowing machine for Christmas, and most weekdays he starts his day by doing some rowing.  Monday morning he got up to go row in the basement, and as he stepped down the stairs in his sleepy state it took him a moment to realize he was standing in (very cold!) water that had worked its way into our basement.  What a way to start an early Monday morning!  We called insurance to make a claim, called the water restoration company, and called the plumber.  The plumber came after about 1 1/2 hours and we found that the sump pump AND the backup sump pump had to be replaced.  Once those were fixed the water quickly started draining away, but we still had to have the restoration people come even though we just have ceramic tile in the basement (luckily not carpet) to dry out the insulation in the walls so mold won’t grow.  That process involves them removing baseboards and drilling into the wall to get to the insulation, and then industrial fans going for 3 days. Thank goodness John happened to go to the basement when he did, otherwise we sometimes go days without going down there so who knows how long we might have had water down there and not realized!

Sunday I had noticed a little leak in our kitchen faucet, so while the plumber was working on the sump pump I asked him if he could take a look at the faucet.  While inspecting it, he moved the faucet neck around a bit and he must have knocked something loose because what had been a little leak became a big spray anytime that faucet is used.  I had to go pick out a new faucet last night so he can come install it sometime today.

I’ve also had some non-water related non-typical things happen this week.  The team leader on my account at work is being rolled off, so that made for a bit of drama yesterday and is a fairly big change in my world.  I found that out and then about 2 hours later went to pick up Hayden where I found out 2 teachers there had been let go due to some “incident,” which I haven’t been able to find out what that was even though I’ve (subtly) asked three people.  They were both people I would never expect to be involved in something that would get them fired!  And then another big thing this week was Layla went to day care 2 days this week.  I typically keep her home with me while I work (she sleeps about 1/2 the time and when she’s awake I sit on the floor next to her with my laptop while she plays – she’s not crawling or walking yet so she doesn’t need to be chased!) but this week I had 2 days of client meetings and I thought it would be better if she wasn’t home for those.  I’ve missed her while she’s been gone.  She had a hard time Monday.  I knew she wouldn’t drink much because she has never taken a bottle well, and that held true.  She also didn’t sleep much; I guess she got about 30 – 40 minutes all day.  I feel like it took her until when she woke up this morning to really recover from the missed sleep – of course, just in time for her to go back in today and mess up her sleep again!  She’ll be back home with me again next week.  I know she’ll need to go to day care regularly at some point, but I’m glad I have a little more time left with her before then!