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I get chocolate raisin now March 9, 2010

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Hayden was going through a challenging phase recently where he just would NOT let me talk on the phone.  No matter who I was talking to or if he had previously been paying me any attention at all, the minute he heard me talking on the phone he would start shouting or crying and telling me to stop talking on the phone.  Finally I decided to see if I could reason with (or bribe) him a little by telling him before I got on the phone that if he was a good boy while I was on the phone and was very quiet then when I was finished he could have a chocolate raisin.  That worked, and of course the second I got off the phone he lit up and said, “Mommy all done!  I get chocolate raisin now!”  This has now carried on so that he is habitually good when I’m on the phone now, but as soon as I (or John) hang up he will say he gets a chocolate raisin.  Last night it culminated even further.  We were outside and I was talking to our neighbor, Paula, over the fence for quite a while.  When we were done Hayden said, “Mommy all done talking Paula, I get chocolate raisin now.”  He’s not afraid to work all angles, obviously!


I don’t like it March 2, 2010

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Just days after I proclaimed Hayden a food monster he has decided that be basically doesn’t like anything.  We’ll put his dinner down and he’ll eat all the fruit and then proceed to tell us that for everything else on his plate “I don’t like it”.

I was cooking some broccoli the other day and Kara came past while carrying Hayden and pointed out to him the broccoli, his immediate response  “i don’t like broccoli”.  I guess we got to ride a very long wave of Hayden eating everything in site so it was natural it would come to an end!!

He still loves Raisins though!!