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More Funnies September 20, 2012

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I know it hasn’t been that long since I wrote a post on the funny things the kids say, but they just keep coming up with them and I don’t want to forget!

The other day I took Hayden to the dentist, and on the way home we stopped to get some gas.  We’d been in the car maybe 3 minutes when we stopped for gas, and as I’m getting out of the car Layla says (the quotes are intentional – this is word-for-word), “Let me out, I need to stretch my legs.”  She’s 2 1/3 – and yet she came up with that sentence.  She just blows me away with her language and comprehension.

Hayden was wanting me to watch him build a “camera store” with legos yesterday.  He wasn’t impressed with my lack of focus on watching him, and he told me that I have two eyes and I needed to watch him.  I think this is a take on the expression I use commonly – I only have two hands.

This picture also made me laugh.  Granddad was here recently, so here’s a nice shot of him playing with the kids.  John and I were behind them and ducked down to try to make it a nice picture of Granddad and the two kids.  This was one in a series of pictures we took, so for this one I decided to “photo bomb” it, you can see in the background.  The thing that makes me laugh is we were watching our neighbor’s dog, Macy, at the time, and I can see now that she was trying to photo bomb my photo bomb!


Brummy accent?

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Recently Hayden has started talking like he is from Birmingham. He has suddenly started putting U’s in words instead of A’s or I’s. A few example:
Dad, can we play curds? (card)
Mum, is that a burd? (bird)
This table is hurd. (hard)
Can we go in daddy’s kurr? (car)
Look daddy there’s a stur. (star)

We have no idea where it came from!  He has never even been to Birmingham!


The Things They Say August 15, 2012

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I know this is a common theme in my posts (what are you going to do, stop reading?  Wait, come back!), but the kids just crack us up with the things they say.  They sound so grown up sometimes without even realizing it.  I thought it was funny enough that Hayden throws “actually” into his stories regularly, but I was floored when Layla started doing it.  “I walk down stairs.” “Oh, you want to walk?”  “Actually, carry me.”  She says actually quite a lot, actually.  Funny.

When the babysitter was here while I was working and she couldn’t figure out how to get a DVD to work, Hayden would come into the office and tell me that Natalie was “having a hard time with the movie,” and I needed to come help.  Or he’ll tell me he’s “having a hard time” buttoning his pants.

Layla has been sticking her fingers in her mouth and biting them a lot lately, so we think her last molars are coming through.  Yesterday I gave her some pain medicine, and I put it in a little medicine cup like what Hayden gets his allergy medicine in every day.  She was pretty excited at drinking out of it like she sees Haddy do every day, even though she didn’t like the taste.  Well, I could have written the script myself this morning at breakfast.  I gave Hayden his medicine and no sooner had I set it on the table than Layla is telling me, “My teeth hurt.”  What a little rascal!  (I am impressed, though, that her language is so far advanced that she says things like, “My teeth hurt,” “I’m thirsty,” “I’m hungry,” instead of directly saying what she wants [medicine, drink, food].  She makes the connection between those feelings and what they are associated with.)

Hayden’s also been calling Layla “Lay” a lot which I love.  John and I (and many others, “actually”) call her “Lay” for short, and I think Hayden has really been enjoying using her little nickname lately.


Oh My Gosh! No Way! (Two Going on Twelve) August 9, 2012

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Layla is cracking us up lately with the things that come out of her mouth!  She will say, “Oh.My.Gosh, Mommy.”  She’s also incorporated “No way” into her regular list of phrases.  John was leaving for work yesterday and asked her for a kiss, to which she responded, “No way!”  She also says, “Oh no!” a lot.  For example, our babysitter left her jacket the other day.  Layla grabbed it and said, “Oh no, Mommy!”  She just saw some lightning and heard thunder and said, “Oh no, Mommy!  That scare me.” (More to come on being scared.)

As I type this she has a play phone up to her ear are she said, “Hi, mm-hmm, yeah, hi-bye” and then just kept the phone up to her ear for a long time “listening.”  I asked her who it was and she put her hand out to me and whispered, “Quiet, Mommy.”   I wish I had time to just follow her around and transcribe everything she says, because she is just hilarious!


Where Mummy Go? May 24, 2012

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Layla’s speech is really starting to develop. In particular she is starting to pick up phrases.  One of my personal favorites is when Kara leaves the room, a few minutes later Layla will turn to me “where mummy go?, where mummy go?”  I’ll tell her and then off she go “oh” and then run in whatever direction I send her.
It is one of those phrases that is not isolated to mummy though!  Today we were playing outside and a car stopped just outside our house with a dog hanging out of the window.  Layla was all very excited pointing and shouting “woof woof”.  The car drove and Layla turned to us… “where doggy go?”!
To add some effect she now puts her palms out and shrugs her shoulders.  Too funny.

Ipn! May 16, 2012

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It’s fun how kids can make you take notice of things that have faded into the background of everyday life for those of us who have been around for a while.  Layla gets really excited whenever she hears an airplane.  She’ll shout “Ipn!” and point to the sky.  It took a while for us to realize what she was saying, but now we get excited with her.  Hayden even beat her to the punch yesterday by shouting airplane when he heard one before she got a chance to call it out. 😉

Her speech is really exploding right now.  She’s stringing together three or more words, and she’s getting easier to understand.  She understands so much, and has for a long time.  I realize that the most when I will be talking to John or Hayden about the day and mention that we should do so-and-so after Layla’s nap, and she’ll start saying, “No night-night.”  I don’t even think about her listening to what I’m saying, but she’s clued in enough to hear “nap” and to protest!


Haddy! January 26, 2012

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Firstly, note to self: take some pictures!  We haven’t had any new pictures for about a month, and it’s a struggle to find ones to go with blogging posts at this point.

But the real news is that Layla finally has a “name” for Hayden!  A couple of days ago at day care I picked her up from her classroom and had to go back out to the van to get something before we got Hayden from his classroom, and she started saying, “Aa-ddy, Aa-ddy.”  I started to realize that she was trying to say Hayden, and she was letting me know I was forgetting him!  “Hayden” has proven to be a difficult word for a toddler to say, and we’ve tried to think of other things she can call him like Haydy or Den or Denden, but she really hasn’t been calling him anything until now.  I guess the real question is how long has she been calling him Addy and we’ve not understood or I’ve thought she was saying Daddy.  Now that I’ve caught on I get her to say it a lot.  I’m starting to hear more of an H in the beginning now, so it’s more like ha-DDY.

Her language is getting better all the time, as it does with this age.  She had ear tubes put in this month because of recurring ear infections, and that is also helping I’m sure.  She even repeated “butterfly” pretty clearly last night.  But apart from her speech, she understands so much.  I have to be careful now what I say.  Today I told Hayden he could have some candy if he would go to the bathroom (which he CLEARLY needed to do – when will he start listening to his body and responding on his own?!), and Layla got all excited and went up to the candy jar (even though she hardly ever has candy).  It happens all the time, that I will say something to someone else and she will respond in a way that I realize she knows most of what I am saying.  Pretty cool! 🙂