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Whoooooooooooo Halloween December 21, 2012

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Every since Halloween and every time it’s dark Layla will go ‘whooooooo Halloween’. You can turn the lights out, or just go outside when it’s dark, when we go into the garage and haven’t turned the lights on yet, or she will turn the lights out in our internal bathroom after she’s gone a pond potty and ‘whoooooo Halloween!’ We haven’t corrected her yet as it makes us laugh.



Darth Vader December 14, 2012

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Much to my dismay Hayden has started to take an affection towards Star Wars. I think it really triggered from being at Disney World and going on the Star Wars ride there. Then from there he has watched the movies, and generally just got excited about it. Now he has Star Wars pyjamas, t-shirts, socks, posters, and even bed toys. Generally he loves Darth Vader the most but also gets excited about Han Solo and R2D2 and many others.

Halloween he wanted to be Darth Vader. However a little hiccup was that he didn’t like the mask. You can’t have darth vader without the mask. Luckily Kara came across an Angry Birds Darth Vader costume! Perfect combination!

Layla is not to be left out of this. She also seems to get excited about Darth Vader. I have a key chain and every time she sees it she will start shouting Darth Vader loudly and then she’ll start doing the Star Wars theme song “der der der der……” She is so funny!



Tormenting Lucy August 16, 2012

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Recently the kids have started to pay a lot of attention to the dogs. While we like that they are interested in the dogs wI think Lucy in general is on the bad end of it. Lucy will be taking a nice nap and then suddenly for no reason Hayden will decide it’s time to go and give her a kiss and lie on top of her and then grab her by the collar and have her follow him around. Layla is the same and if the dogs are around she will go and snuggle up to one of them or start climbing on them. The kids mean everything with the best of intentions but I feel the dogs are feeling a little tormented. I swear Lucy looks a little sorry for herself these days!

We have had to tell Hadyen to calm it down because he can get a little over zealous. He knows sometimes that he is supposed to be giving her a break, but I swear he watches us to see if we are watching me then when we are not looking and he will go in and give Lucy smoother her with Hayden lovin’.


Bot and Boots August 15, 2012

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Layla has a huge obsession with Minnie Mouse as we have probably discussed many times. Every time she see anything Minnie she must have it. You have to fight her to get her Minnie pajamas off and usually involves a trade of having to swap it for Minnie top.

However this post wasn’t about Minnie, it was more about her favorite characters from the other shows she likes. She likes Dora, but her favourites character is Boots, and she likes Team Umizoomi but where you would think she likes Mili, it’s very clear that Bot is her favourite!

She gets so excited when Bot comes on the screen and if you ask her what cartoon she want she will say bot instead of team umizoomi. Similar with Boots if she sees her Dora cup she will just ignore Dora and point excitedly to Boots. Also with her band aids she only wants the ones with Boots!


‘Mon Haddy July 8, 2012

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Kara has mentioned that the kids are starting to play together and starting to conspire to cause trouble. Layla is absolutely the ring leader! Hayden’s personality is that he either wants to play by himself, or he will follow (usually girls) what others are up to. Layla just does what she wants!

As they get into trouble we will regularly hear “Mon Haddy, Mon Haddy” (Layla telling Hayden to come on, incase it wasn’t obvious). Layla instigating, and then Hadyen a very willing accomplish!

One of their current favorite activities is them wearing Kara’s shoes and trouncing around the house. Or running into the “cold room” (room over the garage and named by Hayden) and tormenting Lucy in there.

It’s fun to watch then together but I feel the trouble has just started.


If I have to do it Haddy has to do it June 4, 2012

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Layla has her own version of things not being fair. If we make her do something she doesn’t like for example wash her hair, go take a nap, etc. then first she will try to deflect and have Haddy go first, otherwise after she has complained she will then start getting start pointing and go “Haddy wash now, Haddy wash now” for example. If she has to do, then Hayden has to do it!


Where Mummy Go? May 24, 2012

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Layla’s speech is really starting to develop. In particular she is starting to pick up phrases.  One of my personal favorites is when Kara leaves the room, a few minutes later Layla will turn to me “where mummy go?, where mummy go?”  I’ll tell her and then off she go “oh” and then run in whatever direction I send her.
It is one of those phrases that is not isolated to mummy though!  Today we were playing outside and a car stopped just outside our house with a dog hanging out of the window.  Layla was all very excited pointing and shouting “woof woof”.  The car drove and Layla turned to us… “where doggy go?”!
To add some effect she now puts her palms out and shrugs her shoulders.  Too funny.