Hayden and Layla's Place

Our Pets July 28, 2007


Abbey my cats. She keeps Mimi and Lucy in order. I nicked named her the sheriff!! I am already bigger than her but she is really tough. One day I’ll be that tough!!  I like to pet her.

Jude (RIP)

Jude was really big. I would have liked to ride him around the house like a horse but he was such a scardy cat. He used to purr when I was close to him. He was my first buddy. I miss him.


Lucy is a dog dog. She wags her tail a lot and it’s funny. I want to pull it. She licks my feet all the time and it tickles.  I like to ride her and sit on her.  Hehe.   She is my best friend in the world and she loves me.   She is a beagledor (half Beagle, half Labrador!) and howls sometimes!  I love taking her on walks.


Mimi is my latest dog.  She’s a black lab and we rescued her from Lucky Labs!  She doesn’t let me sit on her but I still love her.  She chases her tail and loves balls like me (not the tail bit!! ha!)   She is really clumsy – just like my daddy!!!


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