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Tooth April 7, 2011

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In future news, Layla will have gotten her third tooth tomorrow (or the next day or the next).  I can see some white just under the gum on her upper middle left tooth.  (Since it’s been hard for me to find time to blog I am just getting this on here while I have a moment, even though it hasn’t broken through yet!)  It’s amazing to me that she still only has 2 teeth, because Hayden got his first 2 teeth, what, 5 months?  And then he got the next 6 shortly after that, all at once.  Layla has taken much longer and it doesn’t seem like she is getting a lot at once like he did.  As such, she doesn’t seem to be as uncomfortable as I remember Hayden being when he was teething.  They are alike in many other ways though.  I was commenting to John a few days ago that Hayden has always been really solid in the middle, and for a long time I remember thinking how whispy Layla felt when I picked her up.  She just needed some time to catch up, because now when I pick her up I feel that same solidness in her that Hayden always had.


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  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    You look so pretty and grown up xx

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